Workers Compensation Claims Management Software

Figtree Systems workers compensation claims management software provides an end-to-end software solution for third party and self-managed worker’s compensation claims management. The application has been designed to support compliant regulatory reporting mandated for self-insurers and specialised insurers in Australian and New Zealand worker’s compensation jurisdictions.


Your one stop-shop for managing injuries and claims online

This commercial off-the-shelf software provides cloud access, low risk implementation and a secure data repository for all your claims, injuries and payments. Highly configurable, the system adapts well to your business rules and reporting needs and functions alongside your existing IT infrastructure for efficient data exchange and payments processing.

This comprehensive claims management software package will assist your business with:
  • Production of compliant regulatory reports for regulatory authorities
  • Capturing employee injuries in line with mandatory reporting requirements
  • Updating and maintaining valid medical certificates
  • Planning and coordinating return to work and rehabilitation
  • Claimant and service provider communications
  • Processing claimant and service provider payments
  • Performing financial and actuarial analysis

Taking the hassle out of regulatory reporting

We codify and validate your data on intake to produce reliable and complaint regulatory extracts for all workers compensation jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand. As is standard in our maintenance and support agreement, our software is continually updated in line with any changes to regulatory reporting requirements, as and when these occur.


We have some 30 plus years’ experience developing and supporting workers compensation claims management applications and are a trusted provided to self-insurers, specialised insurers and third-party claims managers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Injury Management

From the onset of an injury, Injury Management facilitates early intervention, allowing a user to process an injury diligently and timely, reducing risk and preventing cost escalation  

  • Return to work and injury management
  • Needs assessment and offers of suitable duty
  • Medical certificate maintenance
  • Financial breakdown of claims
  • Integrated document management
Figtree systems software provides total financial oversight, governance and cost control throughout the claims lifecycle
  • Claimant and server provider payments
  • Record and retain all payments, reserves and recoveries
  • Capture vendor details to expedite payments process
  • Integration with general ledger or web banking systems
  • Govern payments in line with regulatory codes and categories
  • User access security controls over payment authorisation
Streamline your business rules and embed structure into your claims management operation
  • Automated letter writer and data merge
  • Email automation and alerts
  • Report writing and distribution
  • If statement style workflow triggers
  • Configurable pick lists (drop down menus)
  • Task allocation, escalation and approval
  • Integrated document management
Reporting and analytics tools
  • Real-time dashboards and search grids with easy export and data drill-down
  • Automatically run, batch and distribute via email at scheduled intervals
  • Tailor your preferred reporting output via the system’s ad hoc report designer
  • Easily generate reports using a suite of self-service standard reports
  • Multi-layered organisational structure and cost centre reporting
  • Export as MS Word, XML, CSV, PDF and HTML files
  • Generic upload via CSV file
Fully supported web application

Figtree Systems is a web based application accessed via URL. Our standard maintenance and support agreement covers the maintenance of hosting and cloud platform, access to the Figtree Systems help desk, and provides ongoing upgrades and maintenance of the application, hardware, infrastructure and disaster recovery systems.  

  • 24 / 7 uptime monitoring
  • Business hours help desk support
  • Rollout of upgrades, security and patches
  • Maintenance of application interfaces
  • Maintenance of backup and disaster recovery systems
Systems integration

Figtree Systems works alongside your existing IT infrastructure, removing latency in data exchange, payments and reporting. Our experienced staff have many years integrating our product with enterprise applications and web systems.  

  • Payments integration via general ledger or web banking
  • Enterprise HR and payroll data integration
  • Support for XML, CSV, REST, HTTPS, SFTP, ODBC
  • Single sign on authentication
  • Bespoke application interfacing development